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The music and movie industry has been hit by the phenomenon of privacy in more ways than one. It affects their business, the economy as well as their morale. Hence, Hollywood’s come up with an antipiracy initiative that allows its users to access and watch legal content on a site called WheretoWatch. It is by far a very convenient place that people can go to in cyberspace to watch their favourite movies or shows, but legally. If you are in the US then this works out for you real smooth. If you not in the US, in other words, if you are an outsider, you a need a VPN service to enable access to this site.

The thing is, Hollywood has faced many problems because of privacy and they know their audience too. Hence, to meet their needs a tab bit better, they have never actually made any efforts to come up with a way in which viewers can enjoy media in someplace that’s legal online and sincere in terms of adhering to the terms and conditions. Over the years, the music industry has learned their lesson and has managed to beat piracy at its own game. Hollywood on the contrary is still struggling to put this in place.

The open fact is that Hollywood has failed to produce legal alternatives to torrent and streaming sites. Now in order to make some changes to the current state-of-affairs, the MPAA has invented something called WheretoWatch which is nothing but a site that has archived a listing where movies and TV-shows can be watched legally. Initially, Google and Index couldn’t recognize this database because it was constructing by very poor coding. However, the situation has improved since November last year.

The MPAA Chief, Mr. Chris Dodd has already announced the launch WheretoWatch and has gone on to say that this is an initiative that aims at protecting the industry and its contributors by providing its consumers a legal resource to access content from. In addition to this he also claims that this initiative needs to present itself in such a way that people enjoy watching whatever they want the way they want it, keeping the magic of actually going to the theatre and enjoying the same experience. In the broader spectrum, this is nothing but initiating a new and upgraded change in the technological scenario.

To keep things clean and neat, the administrators of WheretoWatch have decided to geo-restrict the content available on the site just like how Hollywood geo-restricts its movies.


If people outside of the US want to access WheretoWatch and indulge in the content on the site, they will need the help of a VPN service that can enable such access. This is safe-guarding the site and preventing corruption at this level as well.

However, bringing about such a drastic change will reap its benefits only much later. As of now, privacy still prevails, in and outside of the US. This is simply because; people will always try to jump through the loop ho9les to obtain legal content by means of illegal ways.

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