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May 7, 2015 | | Say something


In today’s world, actually it has been around for a while, when we speak of safe-guarding our interests over the internet, we pick VPN services. Over the years, VPN services have gained much popularity. In addition to this, there has a simultaneous growth of a certain other service called the SmartDNS.

While you may think that a VPN doesn’t differ from SmartDNS, you are wrong. There is very significant difference which we shall address further on in this blog.

Let’s begin this section of the discussion with a simple explanation of what is a VPN and what is typically SmartDNS.


A VPN when expanded simply means a Virtual Private Network. It’s the kind of service that gives its users the freedom to surf or browse the internet with utmost security given to their personal information and an anonymous identity. VPNs typically do not log any personal data or internet activity. Hence everything is kept confidential and not shared or leaked to any source online. This connection applies to both at home and at the workplace. When users travel on business purposes or feel the need to access the internet outside of their work spaces, they may use VPNs to connect to a safe and secure connection.  Read further to explore the various benefits of VPN services.


On the other hand, a SmartDNS does not filter all your internet traffic through a different server. It primarily filters the traffic that shows your geographical location. So for example a Netflix stream would still go through your normal internet connection even when using a SmartDNS service.

This is important, because there is no loss in download speed. So if you have an internet connection that is just at the limit of HD streaming, a VPN might not allow you to stream in HD but a SmartDNS would.

The Difference

A SmartDNS is also easy to install and use (in general) when compared to a VPN. You don’t need any desktop clients and it supports basically any platform out there. You set it up once, it only takes 1-2 minutes tops even if you’re not good with technology, and its there whenever you connect to the internet.

The downside of using a SmartDNS service is that it doesn’t offer any kind of encryption or privacy protection features( like cloaking your IP address), since it’s only job is to “tell” websites that you are connecting from country X instead of where you actually live.

So, if you are looking for a service which will only help you gain access to sites that geo-restricted, then using the SmartDNS service is the best option. However, if you are looking to secure your information and hide your identity, you must only use a VPN service.

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