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Tunnelbear was started back in 2011. It is a good provider to start with especially if you are new to hosting. It is primarily a VPN provider that offers quality services.

TunnelBear servers and Protocol Support

They have servers in countries that are well located around the world which makes the speeds to be much fast. They provide open VPN connections with very minimal logging. This has compromised their capability to use P2P. The system uses OpenVPN and IPSec protocols which work best with a number of handheld devices.

TunnelBear OS and Device Compatibility

The system is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Those are the major operating systems in the market and are all compatible with Tunnelbear. It is compatible with various devices in the market including Apple devices that is iMac and iPad, any phone that runs on windows 8.1.

TunnelBear Pricing

One thing that you have to look at is the price and plans that Tunnelbear offers. One thing is for sure is that the longer you have a plan with them, you will get discounts and it will be manageable in the long run. Tunnelbear has two basic plans, monthly and yearly. The little plan is free but the services are not as good as the one’s you pay. The monthly plan will cost $5 dollars and the yearly plan will cost $50 dollars. With simple math calculation, it is cheaper to pay for the longer term.

TunnelBear Payment Modes

One of the payment methods you can use for your plans is through Bitcoin. It is the most widely used systems for VPN hosting services. It is a safe method of payment and it is convenient because you can do it online wherever you are. Tunnelbear also has a great support system that helps customers and you can find all important information on their website. The free version has a data cap of 500MB.It is a good size to start with before you upgrade.


Tunnelbear offers one of the best internet services today. You can easily extend your bandwidth by taking part on their promos or by simply paying for the premium services. It has a friendly interface which is a thumbs up because not many people are tech savvy but Tunnelbear will give you an easy time using it.


TunnelBear VPN
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