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The internet sensation grew exponentially and not long before hosting companies started to pop up. Spotflux is one of the many companies that provide top quality hosting services.

SpotFlux Servers and Protocol
Spotflux mainly use VPN servers for their hosting services. Spotlfux uses the following protocols for their servers, PPTP (Point to point tunneling Protocol) IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and lastly OpenVPN. The system is easy to use and they have their servers all around the world which makes it a much faster way of receiving request and feedback to various users on the planet.

SpotFlux OS and Devices Compatibility
Spotflux is compatible with a number of operating systems including windows and mac opertiang systems for computers. It is also compatible with android and iOS mobile software. Spotflux works on all devices and supports mobile applications without any issues. Your traffic is encrypted and sent though Spotflix cloud, this ensures that you data is safe while sharing on the internet.

SpotFlux Pricing
Spotflux has three main types of plans for their hosting services. The first one is free. It will not cost you anything and you will get three days of free trial with unlimited speeds and the system hides your IP address to protect your website from hackers. The second type is the mobile plan. The system supports apple gadgets iPad, iPhone, iPod as well as Android devices. It will cost you $6 per year that is quite fair. The last type of plan is Spotflux premium. It will cost $30 a year but you can use 5 devices. Windows, Mac devices and mobile devices are allowed. They have increased security against spy wear and hackers.

SpotFlux Payment Modes
You can make payment to Spotflux for their services through online platforms like Paypal. It is a secure mode of payment but you can also use your credit card. Those are the two main payment options. Try out Spotflux today and you will not be disappointed.

Spotflux offers services that are secure and private. It is easy to use as you only need to download it to your PC or Mac and after a few steps, you are ready to use it. The program is straight forward and has a user friendly interface. It does not crush and has good browsing speeds.


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  • OpenVPN TCP, SSTP and PPTP
  • Company Location: USA
  • Countries: 5
  • Servers: 10
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