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Opera is the first browser to have a built in VPN

Apr 22, 2016 | | Say something

Opera is the first browser to have a built in VPN

Yesterday was a great day for both Opera and VPN users because the first official free VPN was included in the new browser. Opera released a new version (38.0.2205.0) of their beloved child and everyone who downloaded it was able to enjoy this new benefit.

This new release is called Opera 38 which is also named  “Developer Edition“. This means that it is still in a late beta phase and it also means that everyone who wants to use it must get rid of the Opera 36 for the sake of installing the new one.

Opera Free VPN


The things that you must remember!

Now, although it has a built-in VPN feature, it still comes as a feature that requires manual activation due to the fact that not everyone will be rushing to use it immediately. Therefore, in order to activate their free VPN, one must choose Settings option and then choose Privacy & Security afterwards. This section includes VPN sub-section where you can either turn on or off a VPN.

After deciding to turn the free VPN on, you will have all your connections of the browsers part of it. This means that whenever you surf (or have any kind of web traffic for that matter) you will have all of it put to encryption and sent to medium servers which will then send all that traffic to the Web address that you desire.

This being the first version of Opera with VPN means that the system has yet to be improved. For example, exit nodes exist only in US, Germany and Canada for now and that is a thing which will certainly improve with new newer versions.

Opera free VPN -World wide interest

Opera free VPN search interest

Is this all that Opera has to offer?

As a matter of fact – no. It certainly is the fact that Opera has been struggling for years to at least come closer to the giants such as Chrome and Firefox. However, they all ended up somehow way below when it comes to the number of users. They had to find ways to keep up.

Therefore, the developers from Opera decided to add new things which will attract certain audience – tech savvies. Having said this, it is worth mentioning that they included very efficient ad-blocking software in one of the previous versions and that it actually went very well. As a matter of fact, ad-blocking software was once used only by the people who considered themselves experts, but now literally everyone uses it. This raises a very interesting question for us – will VPN become a thing which will become as popular as the ad-blocker that everyone will use in some not-so-distant future?

To sum up, Opera certainly has something new going on and one dare say it is quite revolutionary. However, they are not the first ones to have made such a bold step as incorporating a VPN into the program itself. Remember, just a couple of days ago WhatsApp added a similar feature – end-to-end encryption, making conversations on their App private for billion users.

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