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Hotspot Shield




Hotspotshield uses proxy servers. A proxy server main function is to link up a client computer and a webserver. It enables a user to make indirect requests for resources like web pages on the internet.

Hotspot Shield Servers and Protocol Support

Hotspotshield brings VPN (Virtual Private Network to any type of user. VPN allows a wide range of capabilities for both small business and large cooperation’s. The system uses three main types of protocols for communicating on the internet.They include PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. The VPN IP supported include shared IP static and shared IP dynamic. Hotspotshield has added features that can warn a user of an intruder trying to penetrate through to your system.

Hotspot Shield OS and Devices Compatibility

Hotspotshield supports the most common types of operating systems that are available in the current market. It is compatible with windows operating system and to be specific Windows vista and windows 7. It also supports Mac OS X operating system. The system also supports a good number of devices especially Mac devices. It is compatible with an iPad, iPhone and an iPod.

Hotspot Shield Pricing

Hotspotshield has two main plans you can use in their elite version available to every subscriber. The first you pay $2.46 per fortnight. The second type of plan is where you pay $30 annually. The annual plan is much more convenient than the fortnight.

Hotspot Shield Payment Modes

Billing is done every other month and it will cost $15 per month. The best thing about hotspotshield is that it has numerous ways in which you can make payment. You can use Paypal to make payment, master card, credit card and JCb. The main goal is to make it easy for a person to pay and start using their services. It does its job effectively and the software has been downloaded over a 100 million times.


Hotsposhield allows access to any type of content online even if it is prohibited in your country that is how good it is. It suits users that do not know much about internet protocols and security. It simple to understand how to use it and it has an added feature that helps to detect malware on various websites.


Hotspot Shield
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