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Best VPN for iPhone

Mar 6, 2015 | | Say something

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Best VPN for iPhone

IPhone is the most popular and expensive smart phones available in the market and its users are willing to protect it from hackers. The best way to protect your IPhone is through VPN or Virtual Private Network and now you will definitely feel it is challenge to find reliable VPN service. No doubt, there are plenty of VPNs are available to choose from but for the optimum security you need the best VPN service.

Free VPN Services for IPhone

If we talk about the VPN services then you must have options to choose from free VPN services and Paid services. The first thing to consider about the Free VPN services is that you get nothing for free in these days. In the free services you cannot expect full-security features for your IPhone and the seller must expect something in return from you.

The free service providers fill your IPhone screen with ads which leave great impact on the battery life. Other providers may sell your detail to other marketing companies which will actually put your security at risk. So, if you are really concerned for the security of your IPhone as well as personal information then you will not like to sell your detail to thousands of companies. I wouldn’t counsel you to go for free IPhone VPN services if you value privacy and security of your device.

Paid VPN Services for IPhone

The other option for you is to go for Paid VPN services for IPhone which will never let you to see unwanted ads on the device. You will receive very best speed, security and truly ultimate experience of browsing with unlimited downloads. With paid VPN service you will have chance to rest assured about the security and privacy of your browsing detail and personal information.

The paid VPN service will never cost you higher but it will give you very secure internet access via IPhone. If we talk about the cost of VPN service then a reliable VPN service will never cost you more than $10 per month and the price may vary depending upon the type of service you requested.

3 Best VPN Services for IPhone

Selecting right VPN service is really daunting as there are endless options to choose from. Having best VPN will give you interactive way to secure your device and also speed up the browsing on IPhone. Removing traffic from the way and assisting smooth surfing is the most attractive advantage of using VPN for IPhone. When it comes to select best VPN service then you can consider the pros and cons or can pick the best solution. I would like to recommend you 3 best VPN providers which are corner friendly with simple to install iOS apps for IPhone. These 3 VPNs are best to meet each individual requirement and will surely suit you.

  • IPVanish
  • VyprVPN
  • HideMyAss

These are not only optimal for easy installation but are compatible to all devices for the security purpose. If you’ve window system or Mac then you can also go for these VPNs as these allow one service across all the devices whether it is IPhone, Android, Window system or Mac.


IPVanish is the interactive option that provides effective and user-friendly interface. It is best for beginners as no complicated set up allows you to be up and running within minutes of installing the app.



VyprVPN provides a stylist, modern and simple to use app which is attuned to range of devices. Once you have installed it and used it then you will be capable of using it as it will give you easy, user-friendly and most sophisticated interface.



HideMyAss is a prominent provider of IPhone VPN app and it is easy to use and set-up. The application provides completely colorful and funny interface that take care your security very seriously.


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